Thoughts on July 4th

It is sad to me that the celebrations of our country’s birth have been cancelled in Fowlerville and Gregory.  I plan to participate in the July 4th parade in Brighton.  Though my home town has chosen not to have any gatherings, parades, or fireworks, I encourage all, as individuals and families, to remember and celebrate this event that took place two hundred forty-four years ago.

Freedom is not free. In the history of the world, there has not been a place like the United States where liberty and justice has been the norm. Our system of government was constructed from a close study of many forms of government over time.

Most governments have started out with enthusiasm for a new idea by a new person and new promises of well-being for the citizens. Over time, the leader or ruling class became partial to a certain group of friends and oppressive to another class. The resentment spawned by the oppression then grows to a point where it could, by force, overthrow the existing authorities. If they were triumphant then that “new” idea or person could set up a new system where there was new hope for those formerly oppressed.

Our founding fathers, though not perfect themselves, devised a system where the power was not concentrated in one institution or one person. Competing values were allowed to be freely circulated and when a number of people could be convinced of the benefit of a new idea, then that idea could be implemented. If it turned out not to live up to its billing, it could be removed or improved. The transfers of these powers could be peaceful and without bloodshed or destruction of property.  Each submitted his individual will to the “rule of law” which bound everyone equally to the same system. Equal justice means no favoritism for those in power or for their friends.

Lasting liberty must have a clear and shared definition of good and evil. Evil destroys itself and those who embrace its tenants. There should be absolutely no law preventing a person from doing what is good.  We must have clear laws that are equally applied to any and every person in society. Liberty must allow access to information and the means to verify its truth and accuracy; it insists on tolerance for people of another opinion. Independence belongs in its fullest sense to those who own their own property and who provide for themselves and those in their family without outside help or interference. One of the most powerful forces against liberty is the false promise of security in exchange for freedom.  Liberty means the ability to live and take risks.

Monday, the 7th , at 4:30 p.m., the General Government Committee will have a presentation by Diane McCormick,  the director of the Livingston County Health Department. She will be telling what has happened with the Corona Virus in our county and giving context to the information that is always available on the Livingston County website. We will also be asking her to help us determine policy for a continued safe opening of our county offices and businesses. I encourage everyone to tune in to this meeting to find the real scoop on the risk to residents of our county.

4:30 PM Zoom Virtual Meeting Room Meeting ID: 399-700-0062 / Password: LCBOC

Or by phone: +1 929 205 6099 US Meeting ID: 399 700 0062 / Password: 886752

Happy 4th to all.

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