League of Women Voters Questions and Answers

Campaign Questions and Answers:

What in your training and work experience make you the best qualified candidate for this position?

I am a life-long learner. My Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees were only part of my wide variety of experiences from hourly work in factories to being a teacher and principal in Christian schools. I have been selected to work on various and diverse boards and I enjoy the back and forth that is necessary to come to a common decision.  I agree that all are created with equal value.  I learn something from everyone. I will listen to and value every person’s input. My ability to listen and understand what people of different perspectives are actually saying enables me to determine what are their actual goals. I work to represent each person, though I can only vote one way on any given resolution. I am very open to giving my reasons for my voting record and believe it is important for those in my district to know that my votes will be consistent with the positions I have advocated to be elected. 

What are your goals should you be elected and how will you work to accomplish them with current resources?

My ultimate goal for Livingston County is liberty for each citizen. Liberty is most fully experienced by people who are able to own their own property and those who are able to take full responsibility for the wellbeing of those in their household. The primary purpose of government in a free society is to protect life and other rights necessary to sustain freedom. County government elected and appointed officials provide most of the structure for an orderly community.  I believe my most important responsibility is to represent those in my district to find the way to fulfill these basic functions using the best practices available. The functions of the sheriff and the courts, for example, are at the heart of a just society and must have the highest priority even when resources are limited.   

What are Livingston County’s greatest assets and how can they be used to help the community thrive?

Our greatest assets are the people of our county. We have quality elected officials that have been chosen to perform necessary functions, making sure that the people of our county (who live within the limits of the law) may live freely to reach their full potential.  Another great asset of our county is our location between Detroit, Lansing, Flint and Ann Arbor. This gives our residents a large variety of employment options within driving range.  The intersection of two important interstates highways also makes Livingston an optimal location for job-producing, manufacturing facilities that depend on an easy flow of components and finished products. The lakes and rivers and ample fertile acreage for farming, along with a variety of cities, villages, and hamlets, make Livingston County a place where almost anyone can find the life of their dreams. 

What are the most serious challenges facing the County post-pandemic, and how will you work to solve them?

We must reestablish a natural flow of life, where no one underestimates the danger, nor is anyone paralyzed by unsubstantiated fear. Reliable facts that give honest contextual information must be easily available. If the public knew, for example, the comparable number of yearly deaths from flu, diabetes, heart disease, abortions etc., our level of fear might be different. The County will need to give every advantage to businesses that need to regroup. The county must do everything within its power to live within its means and to resist efforts that would add to the tax load upon a recovering economy. The county has experience in gracefully weathering the “Great Recession.” We will use that wisdom to employ every tool at our disposal to maintain a high level of service in uncertain financial times. Our conservative approach to spending has given us an advantage in facing and successfully surviving this real crisis. 

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