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I am a lifelong resident of Livingston County (Fowlerville), and my varied work experiences have, I believe, fitted me to understand the everyday struggles of the people I represent.  As I talk to people in my district, I frequently run across those who say, “I knew your dad,” and proceed to tell me about what they learned from him or how he helped them. Some know my siblings, my wife, or my in-laws, showing that reputations are built over many years and many relationships.  

The accomplishments of the Livingston County Board of Commissioners are those of the whole group, not any one person.  I am proud of the work we have done: keeping taxes low; spending within our budget (even saving a rainy-day fund); putting finishing touches on the new jail building; and initiating the construction of a state-of-the-art 911 dispatch building.  We supported the health department in refurbishing the building that is now MCDC (My Community Dental Center), which is a full- service office especially for low-income residents or those without dental insurance.

It has been my goal to keep in touch with local governments in the county as much as possible and to address constituent concerns, taking them to the correct department, getting answers, and following up with the persons who raised them (or putting them directly in contact with the right agency).

Working on the OLHSA board has acquainted me with the availability of education and assistance aimed at helping low-income folks to help themselves, raising their standard of living and helping them eventually to become independent of government help, restoring their sense of personal pride.  I now serve on OLHSA’s executive committee.

The learning curve for a county commissioner requires more than two years in office, to know the system and the people in order to be most effective on the job.  I am looking forward to another term in order to help keep a consistency in our county government. I want to further my involvement with the opioid taskforce which is working toward a unified solution to the problems facing our county, state, and nation.

I am a constitutional conservative and a Republican who has served my country in Korea during the Viet Nam war, who supports our 2nd amendment rights, and who has the endorsement of the Right to Life PAC of Michigan.  The privilege of electing our representatives in this country is the heart of our liberty and should never be taken for granted.  I humbly ask for your vote on Tuesday, November 3rd, so that I may continue to serve you.

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