Administrator Search

 We are close to the end of the seach for an administrator for Livingston County. It has been a path with many twists and turns. The first cut was to Thirteen prospectes. Six of those withdrew for a variety of reasons including rate of pay that Livingston county was willing to pay. At our next review of the seven remaining, two more were removed from consideration basicly because we did not feel they were stong enough candidates to provide leadership for our county.

During this process we all started to feel the effects of the corona viruss on local, state, and  our national governments. Two of the 5 felt that they could not feel right about leaving their post in the middle of this unprecedented national emergency.

We held a thorough virtual interview with each of the three remaining candidates. The committee was virtually unanimous in the selection of the  two candidates to take to the full board of commissioners for  the final decision. Both of these have the possibility of having a long and prosperous career in Livingston. One being Don Parker, who resigned as chairman of the board of commissioners to persue this position and the other is the mayor of a larger city in southern Michigan. Though his name is public, I will not say it unless he is the final choice.

The biggest objection to the search process was the concern that the “home town” candidate was a “shoe-in” for the job. I, as well as the other members, have been careful to be open minded. The vacancy of the fifth district seat and the subsequent filling of the 8th district seat by a new face has made the selection process impossible to predict.

There are many levels of qualified staff people at the county that have made to transition time relatively seamless even with the extra pressures associated with the attack of the invisible

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