Spark Economic Development

Every year the county board reorganizes to shift responsibilities and give a new appearance and fresh
goals. Don Parker was chosen as the new chairman and Dennis Dolan as the vice chair. I kept my
assignments on the construction, parks, and public safety committees. I represent the county on the
OLHSA board and the Fowlerville LDFA board. I was assigned to the office of vice chair of the finance
committee. I am looking forward to another year of service for our county and the 4 th district on west
side of Livingston.

Handy Township has contracted with Spark to help with economic development that is coming to the
area. The LDFA has voted to pay for the services of Spark. DDA and the Village council will also need to
approve their part of this agreement to finalize it. Without Fred Dillingham, this area is in need of help
to retain the businesses already providing jobs and tax base for our community. There is potential for
new companies to locate here. This makes it imperative that we have a person or company like Spark
that helps to maneuver all of the necessary steps to finalize the vision of new business.
Across the county, each township and municipality has a different view of economic development.
Conway, Iosco, and Unadilla Townships have shown no interest in the services supplied by Spark.
Brighton and Putnam Townships have recently rejected resolutions to support Spark’s mission.
However, many other townships and municipalities have found partnership with Spark very beneficial.
If you have any comments or concerns, I would be happy to hear from you. 517 540-8717 or