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Livingston County is a good place to live for a whole variety of reasons. Some prefer a small-town feel, some a rural setting, others come for recreation. Low crime, strong education, close proximity to work, and community programs may be some of the many reasons why people choose Livingston county as home. Recently a series of short videos have been developed to attract more good jobs and freedom loving people to live here. These videos are available for viewing and distribution at the home page of  Livingston County’s web site (

Roberta Bennett has been purchasing agent since 2001. Recently she was selected to receive the Marvin F. Klang Award.  This award recognizes individuals who have made outstanding contributions to procurement in government agencies in the State of Michigan. It has been given once a year since 1976 and is a travelling plaque that will be kept by Roberta until it is given to the next worthy recipient. Roberta has overseen the development and improvement of a very efficient and professional purchasing and inventory system for the many departments in this county. Beginning with a manual system, she and her team have chosen and implemented computer systems that help departments keep track of their purchases to make sure they are in line with the budget amounts, existing contracts, and insurance requirements. This helps to control spending. She has also used the modern concepts like just-in-time delivery and FIFO (first in first out) inventory to increase efficiencies.  

The Livingston County 911 dispatch center has received special honor from the Michigan Association of Public Safety Communications Officials. The Team of the Year Award was given to Chad Chewning and his team for their “impressive amount of dedication, teamwork, knowledge, and efficiency handling an extremely large-scale event, in addition to almost double the normal call volume of a typical day.” This is referring to the 53 vehicle pileup on December 8, 2016 on I-96 west of Fowlerville in Livingston County. This involved multiple departments and coordination of many responders from within and outside the County’s usual scope of responsibility. This could easily be the largest single event that the Livingston dispatch has ever handled. “Along with fielding calls for this event, dispatching a variety of responders to the scene, and following up with additional resources as requested, there were many other high-priority calls such as additional injury accidents, domestic issues, and medical emergencies, occurring simultaneously within the county that were unrelated to the accident.” The length of the event involved two shifts of dispatchers using a number of channels making the emergency even more challenging. Director Chewning commented, “The staff working that day went above and beyond, making sure to attend to all of the patients, callers, and responders involved. We are very proud of our staff and thankful for their services every day.” (the quotes indicate quotes from the county news release)

I want to let you know some of the quality people that we have serving us in the county we call home.

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