Ride-Along with Livingston County Sheriff

This month some of my time has been spent experiencing services provided in Livingston County.  One morning I did a “ride along” with Deputy Davis in an attempt to “walk a mile” in a policeman’s moccasins.  We responded to several calls: a customer complaint at a local restaurant that had the potential to become violent; the stopping of a speeding vehicle going 70 mph on a back road; an investigation of a report of a couch left beside the road; and finally an answer to a call from a home where a young person had died of a drug overdose.  Deputy Davis is a product of the comprehensive training and dedication of our local sheriff’s department.

I was invited to visit the jail to observe first- hand the operations and improvements along with the new addition.  The new setup allows the county to properly separate inmates according to risk and to provide further services and support to prepare them to become productive citizens.

The board of commissioners has passed a resolution encouraging the development of broadband access for rural Livingston County.  This was a necessary step in the qualification process so that we may receive state and federal grants for that purpose.

This week the 911 Dispatch Center was on my agenda.  The Deputy Director, Chad Chewning, gave me a tour of the facility, acquainting me with the new system and the protocols used nationwide.  He also shared his vision for the future.

As your county representative, I look forward to your input.  You may email me at dhelzerman@livgov.com.