Re-Elect Doug Helzerman

As a County Commissioner, I have sought to be a team player and have asked many questions to understand the issues before the board instead of making snap decisions. I have encouraged the forward movement of our county to more efficient government, but that which is also responsive to the everyday needs of citizens. I ask for your vote on November 6th so that I may continue to represent you, the residents of western Livingston county. It is a privilege I enjoy.

Safe neighborhoods

Religious freedom

Well maintained roads and infrastructure

Second Amendment rights

Freedom to be politically Incorrect

Full human rights for the unborn

Full human rights for the unborn

Commissioner Doug Helzerman

Meet Commissioner Helzerman

My name is Doug Helzerman, and I am a lifelong resident of Livingston County. I was born in Detroit and moved with my family to Roseville at age 3. By age 5 we lived in Fowlerville where I attended school Kindergarten to 12th grade. I graduated from Fowlerville High School and was drafted into the Army where I served during the Vietnam era in Korea.

Lifelong Resident

School Teacher

Vietnam-Era Veteran

Proven Leader

More Information
  • We live in times of quick change. We also live in a time when fact and opinion are often confused and perception of a “narrative” shape public opinion. The goal today is: who can tell his story (with its elements of untruth) most convincingly? When looking for the actual text of the laws and constitutional amendments we will enact, it is easy to find summaries. I will give you the website addresses where you can read the actual full text … read more

  • I was drafted into the military in 1969 and served for two years.  All but 3 of my advanced-training class (50-60 people) went to Viet Nam.  I was one of the three who were sent to Korea. Going almost anywhere in the world makes you very thankful that you have the privilege of being an American.  Though no one showed me disrespect when I walked through an airport in uniform, I could feel the tension. In retrospect, we can imagine … read more

  • I am a lifelong resident of Livingston County (Fowlerville), and my varied work experiences have, I believe, fitted me to understand the everyday struggles of the people I represent.  As I talk to people in my district, I frequently run across those who say, “I knew your dad,” and proceed to tell me about what they learned from him or how he helped them. Some know my siblings, my wife, or my in-laws, showing that reputations are built over many … read more